8 tips to help you get the best out of every meal


When it comes to food it is not only what we eat, but also how we eat that plays a big part in our health and well-being. Our thoughts and our environment have just as much of an impact as the actual food we put into our body.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of every meal! 




1. Before eating, take a moment to pause. Take a few deep breaths and give thanks for your food. This prepares your mind and body for the coming meal.

2. Avoid eating in stressful situations or on the move.

3. Avoid drinking cold liquids just before or during a meal, as this will dampen your digestive fire.

4. Avoid liquids in general during a meal as this can water down and dilute your digestive juices.

5. Chew each mouthful slowly. Putting your cutlery down after each bite is a great way to focus your attention on the mouthful you have rather than mindlessly swallowing to fit the next mouthful in.

6. Be mindful. Take in the beauty of your meal. Notice the smells, the tastes, how it looks, and how it feels in your mouth. This helps us to be in the moment and connected to our food.

7. After eating, give yourself time to digest for a few minutes before heading off to the next thing.

8. And lastly, truly enjoy your food! When we are eating things that we don’t like (even when they are healthy and good for us), this can have a negative impact on what we are eating and the effect it will have in our body.  Since our mind and body are one, when we think negatively about our meal, this causes our body to react negatively towards the food we’ve eaten, through indigestion and poor absorption. So bring love and joy to each meal, and let your food truly nourish you inside and out.

Every time you eat – is an opportunity to nourish your body.

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  1. Very helpful. Sound advice. I shall endeavour to practice this as it certainly sounds as if I will benefit by being in the moment of eating rather than mindlessly haven eaten and not truly registered or enjoyed the meal. Something to relish and look forward to!
    Thank you for posting

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