A Simple Ayurvedic Checklist for Good Health

People sometimes can feel overwhelmed when focusing on their health. So here is an easy Ayurvedic checklist you can work off to help guide you in living your day with love, peace, vitality and a grateful heart.

  • Start your day with rinsing your face with cold water, tongue scraping, and drinking warm water (feel free to add in some lemon!)
  • Before breakfast, take time to honour yourself and this new day by practising Gratitude, Meditation and Deep breathing/Yoga.
  • Eat a medium breakfast, larger lunch and small dinner. Sip on ginger tea beforehand to activate your Agni (digestive fire).
  • Eat foods that are in season, bring you joy, are wholesome (so not processed or full of artificial ingredients) and that is best suited for your personal state of health (to learn more on this, book in for your Ayurvedic Health Coaching session)
  • Connect with nature. Take time during the day to align yourself with the natural flow of the planet. This could be walking barefoot on the grass or sand, sitting under a tree, listening to the birds or bees, or even just taking in the beauty of the tree outside your office window)
  • Move that booty! Even if it is just a walk around the block, 10 mins of exercise makes a huge difference!
  • Find a way to nourish and connect to your Mind, Body and Spirit. Do something daily that brings you growth and joy.
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