About Me

My name is Emma and I am the creator behind, Awaken Your Wild.

I am an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Health Coach, Reiki Master and Massage Therapist and soon to be Wholefood Plant-Based Diet Coach.

After running my wellness clinic, Wholesome Living Ayurveda for over 5 years, I started to notice a pattern with my clients. Each one of them was at some stage of their awakening journey, of coming home to themselves. I found that after a while, I was sharing the same message, tips and guidance over and over again with each new client who walked through the door. Then in the last year or so, I started to notice that what I was saying, was starting to change. This was a reflection of the inner changes within myself, my clients and the world consciousness.

In 2020, we are currently going through the break-down of the old 3D world, and we are creating space for the planetary alignment of the new 5D grid. It is one rocky roller-coaster of a ride we are all on! With this new energy grid on Earth, and within ourselves (our-cells), we are learning to live in full alignment with our true authentic sovereign self. This is our beautiful mixture of the Cosmos and Earth, that is now coming into balance. I call this our Wild Self.