About Us


Welcome to Wholesome Living Ayurveda! We are a holistic health care space operating from a beautiful clinic in Malvern, Melbourne. This is a space of Health and Wellbeing that is based in classical Ayurvedic and the Natural Laws of Vitality and Balance.

Here at Wholesome Living Ayurveda, we not only work with you to treat current health concerns, but empower you by giving tools to maintain good health and create on-going well being and longevity for the rest of your life.

We are committed to your health and wellbeing, and offer an approach that includes working with the seasons, your environment, your age, and your specific body constitution.


Diet & Lifestyle

We create a specific Diet & Lifestyle guide that is designed uniquely for you, which will help bring health, balance and longevity to your life.

Physical Diagnosis

Through reading the Eyes, Tongue, Pulse and Hands we are able to see imbalances within the body and mind.


We work with the Seasons to create balance and vitality within our lives & bodies throughout the year.

Body Type Constitution

Discover what your constitution, is: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and how these elements influences your life.

Create Vitality + Health

Learn how to work within the natural laws of the Universe, and thrive in all areas of your life.

Nourishment from Inside & Out

Learn how to connect into your body and balance your mind so you shine from the inside out.

Meet the Team

Emma Fitts

Health and Lifestyle Coach

Emma is a trained Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Health Coach, Reiki Master and Massage Therapist. Her joy in life is helping others bring balance and wellness back into their Mind, Body and connect to their True Selves. She realised from a young age that the daily practice of self care and nourishment of her mind and body brought health and happiness to her life. This set her on the path to learn more about health and natural healing, and to share this message to help others with their health journey.

Emma is a holistic health practitioner and specialises in Ayurvedic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Reiki Healing and Energy Healings.

Emma works together with her clients on their health journey in balancing and healing their Mind and Body, offering her clients simple and practical advice for achieving health, happiness and longevity in their lives.