Ayurveda and Summer Time

Summer is a beautiful time of the year. The days and nights are longer, the air is sweet and hot, and gentle kisses taste like the ocean. Our Wild Self is in heaven. She is free to fly on the sunset colours, to wander barefoot through the grass, and to dive deep into the heart of the sea. Summer is a time of letting loose, watermelon juice flowing down your chin, and feeling like anything is possible. What is our Wild Self you ask? Our Wild Self is our natural state of being human. We have our Divine Self – with our Universal Light, – which is our soul. Which is housed in our human body, and its earth spirit – which is our Wild Self. Connecting to your Wild Self is so easy, it is just getting back to your natural roots in nature. Getting outside into nature, switching off your phone/computer/tv for a while and enjoying life in its natural flow.

When we are connected with our Wild Self, we become naturally aligned with our natural state of being. We tune back into the Earth’s natural flow, balancing our body’s elements to the elements of the earth around us. As humans, we are designed to not only live but thrive in each seasonal cycle. Yet through our modern society and through generations of conditioning (forgetting), we have unplugged from the natural flow of the earth. We have tried to create our own artificial flow, to live in. And yes we are able to live in this man-made flow, but are we truly thriving, or just surviving? By becoming disconnected to our natural roots, and rigid in our new state of being, we are slowly losing who we truly are. The good news is, it is the easiest thing to re-align back into our Wild Self, and become plugged back into the natural flow of the earth.

In Ayurveda, Summer is the season of Pitta (Fire and Water). Just like the seasons, we are also governed by the elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth). We each have these five elements within us. Ayurveda teaches us the philosophy that what happens outside of us, also happens inside of us. The simple beauty of Pitta is that she was born with the tools to balance herself. Her Fire and Water are a graceful balance of heat and cool. When she is too hot with her fire, she can cool herself down with her waterside. And vice versa, if she is too mellow in her cooling water, she can spark herself back with a quick flick of her fireside.

We all have the element of fire within us, (although some more than others), so summer can sometimes be an interesting time of year. During Summer, Pitta (fire) is the most predominant element in our environment, and within us (because what is outside is inside). If you are like me, and you are a Pitta/Fire based person, then this time of year can cause your system to go into overdrive. Here are some of my favourite Ayurvedic tips and tricks to help balance your fire and keep you feeling fabulous all summer long!


Ayurvedic Summer Seasonal Guideline

  1. Use Rosewater as a toner. Roses are cooling and support your skin in feeling soft, toned and nourished. I love rosewater spray because not only does it smell divine, it can be used several times a day. Energetically it helps to bring emotional strength and helps in improving your ability to love.  You can either make your own or buy some from your local market/Indian grocery store. Put some in a mist spray bottle and infuse yourself as often as you like!


  1. Eat light, nourishing, easily digestible foods. During the summer, our digestive fire tones itself down, as a natural way to help keep us cooler during the hotter months. When our digestive fire (or Agni as we say in Ayurveda), is low, we don’t want to be putting heavy, hard to digest foods into it. Think of it like this. In winter our digestive fires are like a strong campfire – you can put a big piece of wood onto it, and it will easily burn it away. However, if you did the same thing onto some fire embers, you will be still sitting with half that piece of wood by the time autumn comes around. My number one tip for eating for summer is the three big S’s. – Seasonal – Small – Satisfy.     Eat foods that are in Season. Remember our bodies were designed in nature, so when we come back into sync with nature and her timetable, then we thrive! Eat Smaller meals. (remember the fire is low!) Listen to your body and its needs. If you are feeling hungry, eat. If you don’t, then don’t eat. Very simple! And lastly, enjoy your meals and be Satisfied. When we bring pleasure and joy back into our relationship with our food, it helps our body to mellow out and really connect to our meal. When we are in a positive state of being, we absorb all the nutrients from our foods and digest with ease.


  1. Stay Hydrated! My two go-to’s for hydration during the summer are 1. Pomegranate Juice. Along with your daily water intake and cooling herbal teas (such as mint and coconut), try having a ¼ glass of pomegranate juice mixed with ¾ of a glass room temp water, and a pinch of salt. This is a very hydrating drink and acts as an electrolyte drink – perfect if you have spent the day at the beach and are feeling dehydrated! Moisturising. Instead of using store bought moisturisers this summer (as they can be full of nasties!) opt for a mixture of coconut oil and black sesame oil. Mix these two beautiful oils together and use them for all your moisturising needs. It can be applied to your hair for a beautiful hair mask, used as a face moisturiser, an after sun care nourishing moisturiser/cooler, and an overall body moisturiser (great for some self-care each day!)




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