Ayurvedic Elixer To Calm Your Mind & Body

My favourite Ayurvedic inspired calming elixir. 🍵🌿 This is my go-to drink to help calm my body and mind during the cooler months.

▪︎1 cup milk (your choice, I use nutty bruce almond/coconut)
▪︎I tsp cacao powder
▪︎ 1 – 2 Medjool Dates (de-pipped )
▪︎ 1/2 tsp Bhrami powder
▪︎ 1 tsp Ashwagandha powder
▪︎ 1/2 tablespoon Ghee (optional)
▪︎ 2 tsp Maple Syrup or Jaggary

To Make:
▪︎ Put all ingredients together in a blender (except Ghee, Bahrami and Ashwagandha), and blend together.
▪︎ Pour blender content into a pot and add ghee.
▪︎ Heat milk on medium till required temperature.
▪︎ With heating, using a whisk, add in the Bhrami and Ashwagandha, whisking to mix them in, and to create a milk froth.
▪︎ Once at the desired temperature, pour into a cup and enjoy.

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