Energy Healing/Cleansing/Rejuvenation

We are vibrational energy beings, just like everything around us. Each human has their own vibrational imprint, which makes them who they are. You have probably heard/seen the equation of E = mc 2.  This translated into: ‘mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other.’

In life we often say things like “their vibe is off” or “this person lifts me up, just being around them is like sunshine”. What we are feeling is these peoples energy frequency. Have you ever walked into a room with a random couple, and just know that they have had a fight? They don’t tell you, in fact, they are acting normal, but there is just something in the air of the room that is tense. This is their energy, imprinting on the environment around them.

So why does our energy need healing you may ask…

In our modern society, we haven’t (on the whole) been taught that we are these incredible Light beings, let alone how to regulate and cleanse our energy field! When we have traumas or negative thoughts, we are taught at best – to see a therapist, and at worst, to push these events/emotions deep down inside and lock them away. These energies then become stored in our energetic and physical bodies, and can over time solidify and transform into a physical illness or life crisis.

Energy work helps to untrap, neutralise and dissolve these blocks, and realise them from your body. Working on the energy level is similar to when you are gardening, and removing the roots of the weed, so it doesn’t grow again.

When we have trapped energy blocks, this affects the entire Mind, Body, Spirit balance. It puts us out of sync with the world around us and can restrict the flow of our bodies and our life. It can act as a trigger for attracting more of what we don’t want and can lead us to form negative patterns around traumas and our thinking.   During a session, we help the body to remove the blocks, and create beautiful flowing energy again, to help you thrive in all areas of your life!

During a consultation, I use different healing tools to help heal, cleanse and rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Spirit.

These tools include:


Intuitive Guidance

Energy Matrix healing

Pendulum work

Sound therapy

Colour therapy


Crystal healing


The sessions are very gentle and are conducted on the clinic bed, lying down. People often fall asleep during our session, from the relaxation of the healing!

(I promise I won’t judge you if you snore!)

Energy Healing | Cleansing | Rejuvenation Sessions

1.5 hours   $150