How to be more Grounded

Being Grounded 

In our modern society, it can be hard to be grounded and centred.

Our days are a mixture of technology, frantic energies of the busy city or shopping centres, and rushing from here to there. More than ever before we are finding that we are living more in our heads. Our thoughts running a mile an hour and our nervous systems are on high alert (whether we are aware of it or not)

It is no wonder we are finding it hard to be grounded. 

Before I go on, lets just quickly chat about the idea of being grounded. To me, there are two definitions of what being “grounded” means. 

  1. Grounded: Being connected to the earth. Grounding your roots to the earth. 
  2. Grounded: Being calm and in balance with yourself. To be centred and focused. 

To me, these are pretty much the same thing. When you ground to the earth, you are also grounding within yourself: and vice versa. To me, being grounded is just being centred and connected to the now. I find that when I am not grounded, I am space-y, my nervous system goes a bit haywire and I am all over the place. Sometimes I don’t even notice I am in this state, as it usually builds up over time. For me personally, things like being in front of my screens (laptop/phone), being on a plane, or being in a place like a shopping centre: are all things that lead to me feeling un-grounded. 

When I am grounded: I feel peaceful, solid, strong, and able to think without the monkey mind coming to play. My creativity and ideas are able to flow with ease, and my thoughts are rational and calm. 

I have found these few tricks easy ways to help me re-ground to myself and the earth when I become un-grounded. 

Being in Nature 

This may sound obvious, but sometimes I actually find it hard to be in a natural environment when I am un-grounded. I am so in my head, (which is usually racing with thoughts), that my mind can’t stand being in the calming nature vibes for too long. As the old saying goes: it is like I have ants in my pants, and I just cannot stop and BE. Being grounded, helps us be in the now; rather than when we are all in our heads, where our mind is usually racing towards something(s) in the future or dawdling its feet kicking dust about in the past.  When we connect into nature, we help re-balance our energy and connect into the natural flow of the rhythm of the earth. 

Tip: Walk around in a park, at the beach, or in your backyard. Pause and be mindful. If you can, take off your shoes and let your bare feet touch the earth or water/sand. Use your different senses to connect. Touch the leaves, let the sand fall between your fingers. Smell the flowers, listen to the waves. Just enjoy. 


When we are un-grounded we often forget to breathe deeply. Often we are in such a rush that our breath becomes shallow and we don’t even realise. There are many amazing breathing techniques out there – I would recommend speaking to your local Yoga Teacher or Health Expert. 

Trick: This is a simple technique that I personally use when I am feeling un-grounded. It can be used anywhere at any time. I have done this on planes, in movie theatres, shopping centres etc.     Focus in on your breath. (if you can, shut your eyes) and take a deep breath in for 4 counts, hold the inhale for 4 counts, let it go for 4 counts, and hold the exhale for 4 counts.   Repeat 5-10 times, or until you are feeling grounded.

While doing this, I like to imagine my energy travelling down to the earth and connecting into the heart of the earth. To let my roots travel downwards, deeply and strongly, helping me to stand tall and stable. With each inhale, I imagine beautiful grounding energy from the earth travelling up from the earth into my feet, flowing into my body with each breath; and with each exhale, I let go of any stress or negative frantic energy, and release it back down into the earth to be naturalised.


Hooray! Yes, food is an easy and delicious way to help you feel more grounded. Eating heavier foods such as veggies grown under the dirt (rather than on a vine etc), and foods like meats, can help us to feel grounded once consumed. When you are feeling ungrounded, it is best to avoid things like alcohol and really dry foods like popcorn. This is because, (in accordance with Ayurveda), these foods have a higher percentage of the element of Air in them, and this will not help in grounding you down. 

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