Discover Your Personal Health Blueprint

From the moment you are conceived and the moment you arrive earthside leaves a very distinctive pattern within you. This pattern is the base of the blueprint for your unique health constitution. Once we map this blueprint out, we can see the strong points in your health constitution and the potential weaker spots.

Based on your birth natal chart and your Ayurvedic doshic elemental patterns, we can see through your Medical Astrology chart, the blueprint of the skies when you were born, and how this influenced the map for your health path throughout life.

We can see childhood wounds/traumas, ancestral habits/patterns that may be playing out throughout your life. By looking at the planets and the placements in your chart we can see where these planets and their energies (eg inflammatory hot Mars) is sitting in your body (eg stomach) and how to keep this in balance.

If you have any specific health concerns, we can go in and read your blueprint, to trace back and see if there are anything health-wise (mind/body/spirit) indications sitting on your blueprint, and how we can go in and heal this, based on your personal constitution.

To work out your Ayurvedic Health Constitution, we go off the elemental balance within your body, of Vata (Ether + Air), Pitta (Fire + Water) and Kapha (Water + Earth). We can see how to keep these elements thriving and what best ways to allow this to happen, via lifestyle and diet.

When you get down to the base of it, it is mapping out your personal blueprint from the moment you were born. We have a way to see what makes you, uniquely you! To see how you personally were designed to thrive in your health and well-being along this beautiful journey called life!

A divine health blueprint is based on the ancient art of Medical Astrology. Up to around 300 years ago and beyond, all physicians and healers understood that we are linked to the cosmos. They knew that what happens in our skies, has a direct influence on our bodies and minds. So by understanding how the planets and stars align and communicate with each other, we can see how these conversations impact us in our daily health.

Medical Astrology witnesses directly how the cosmos influence our health – physically, mentally and spiritually; and the secrets of healing and wellbeing the planets hold.

At birth, we have a Divine Blueprint created, which helps us to discover our individual conversations with the Universe. We can use this communication line, to work with the Universal flow, allowing us to see our strengths and weaknesses throughout our life. We can see how strong our digestion is, whether our nervous system is strong, or if there is a comic imbalance within our body/mind/spirit.

First step: I will need your:

Date of Birth

Time of Birth

Place of Birth

I will also send you a mini form, a few days prior to our session for you to fill out and send back. (please note that Blueprints can take up to a week to create.)

In our session, we will dive into your Blueprint, going into detail about each part of the body’s health. We will also look at any concerns you may have about your health and healing journey.

At the end of the session, you will revive a copy of your Blueprint and a Mini Report.

For a full report, including lifestyle rituals, food and herbs – all based on your Blueprint, to help create lasting vitality and wellness in your life. As a bonus, it will also include information on your Moon birth cycle, Your Life Path, and the meaning behind the Degree you were born at!  – Full report is an extra $49.99. 

Sessions go up to 2 hours, with an hour of preparation of your map done before our session.

Investment: $200 – which includes: your personal health blueprint, a copy of your natal chart and your chart mini-report.

Add On: Full report – $49.99 – a 10-page report based on your chart, including the best lifestyle rituals, foods, herbs to create wellness and virtuality in your life. Bonus: Includes your Life Path Number, Your Degree of Birth Meaning and Your Birth Moon Cycle.

(please note: that add on full report payment is processed separately, and will be invoiced via email.)

For all enquires and questions, please contact me at

Once payment is received, I will contact you to book our sessions together.

Sessions are available online and in person.

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