Ayurveda and the Magic of Autumn

“The sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and Autumn was awakened.” — Raquel Franco

Autumn is a truly magical time of the year.  It is when we begin to transform, allowing what no longer serves us to fall away, preparing us for the long winter hibernation ahead.

According to Ayurvedic knowledge, Pitta Dosha is the manifestation of Fire and Water in the human body. During Autumn, this energy is dominant within our environment, and within ourselves (our-cells).

In nature, Pitta season is the time when the air becomes cool and crisp, nature turns golden and fiery, all the trees burst into a golden sunset, before letting go of their leaves, allowing them to fall where they may.

Autumn is the time of Creativity, High energy, Enthusiasm. There is magic in the air, and everything takes on a cosy feel.

During Autumn, our digestive fire (Agni) is beginning to grow and become stronger, after being at its weakest during summer. This is why it is so important to make changes within your diet and lifestyle to help balance this.

Pitta is balanced by sweet, astringent and bitter. We also need to help balance Vata during the later part of the season, so also include in your diet sweet, sour, and salty tasting foods which are all moistening.

Lifestyle tips for this Season

Sleep: Calming our mind is really important during this time, especially before sleep. This can be the time of strange dreams/nightmares or an overactive mind. Take time to wind down at the end of the day, give your mind time to turn off. Journaling is a fantastic way to get out of your head what may be floating around your brain and get in onto paper – leaving your mind still, ready for a calm, deeper sleep.  

Yoga: Good poses include: Sun Salutations, Cat and Cow, Cobra, Spinal Twists, Lotus Pose, Forward Bend, Back Bend. End with Savasana (relaxation pose) to help your body to regroup and calm down.

Exercise: Do exercise that is grounding, such as weights and walking (but rug up!). Avoid over-active exercise (cardio) as this can aggravate Vata.  

Body: Daily Self-Abhyanga is going to be your best friend during this season. Use warm Black Sesame oil, and gently massage your whole body. Can be either done before a shower/bath – in which you can use extra oil, or after a bath/shower – in which use less oil.

Keep warm. Vata is unsettled by cold and windy – as it is a mirror of itself. On cooler/windy days, keep your head covered – with a scarf, hat or beanie. If your feet or hands are cold, heat up the torso, as this will encourage your body to allow blood flow into the extremities.

Tongue scrap:  Tongue scraping is an incredible way to help cleanse your body and mouth each day. During spring, we can help improve our digestion and overall health by using a tongue scraper each morning and night. In the morning, use when you first wake you – before eating or drinking anything. This will help to eliminate Ama (toxins) on your tongue – which has come up from your digestive system overnight. 

Tune in:  Autumn is the season of coming back into ourselves after the lightness and fun of summer. Take this time to take stock of what is serving you in your life and what isn’t. What are some things that may be more of a burden to you than help? This is the time to really sit down and let go of what we don’t need anymore. To see what may be holding us back – in Mind, Body and Spirit. To see what needs to be internally and externally cleaned out (emotions, beliefs, patterns, diet habits, relationships, material possessions etc), so we can go into the cooler months with only things that will support us through this time.

Transformation: Autumn is the time of Change and Transformation. Questions to ask yourself: “Where would I like to transform in my life?”  and  “What do I need bring change into my life, and how will I transform if I do change?”

Align with your Wild Self: Connect with the natural world around you. We as humans are part of the planets natural ecosystem. Find time to go outside and experience the beauty and renewal that Spring brings. Remember that this beauty that is happening outside of you, is also happening within.

Autumn Seasonal Produce


Fiji/Pink Lady ApplesGuavaNashi Pears
Black BerriesKiwi FruitPassionfruit
Custard AppleLimePears
CumquatImperial MandarinPlums
GrapesMangosteenNavel Oranges


CapsicumBok ChoyBrussel Sprouts
Butter/Green BeansBeetrootCabbage
CeleryLeeksSpring Onion
Silver beetShallotSwede
Sweet PotatoTurnipsTomato



Grains – Oats, Wheat + Rice

Legumes – Red lentils, Split Mung Dal, Mung beans

Nuts/Seeds – Most soaked nuts – including nut butters. Chia seeds, Flax, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Tahini, Halva, Pumpkin seeds.

Sweeteners – Raw Honey (do not cook), Jaggery, Molasses, Rice Syrup.

Dairy – Most dairy is fine. (avoid cold dairy e.g. ice-cream)  

Oils – Ghee, Sunflower, Olive, Sesame (most oils are fine) – Avoid Coconut.

For your personal diet plan – come see me for an Ayurvedic Health consultation, so we can plan a flexible spring diet, based on your Dosha constitution and lifestyle. Bookings are available online and in-person at the Wholesome Living Ayurveda Clinic – Hawthorn.

Ayurvedic Wellness and the Magic of Spring Time

“I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright.” 
― Millard KaufmanBowl of Cherries


There is something so exciting about seeing the first blooms of spring waking up from their long winter sleep. I always know that spring is here when I am on my evening walks and I can smell the lightness of the flowers in the air. Seasons change and so do we. We are starting to see the presence of Spring appearing around us. In the new blooms appearing, the warmer sunshine bursting through, and a sense of awakening after a cold winter hibernation. Spring is the time for rebooting ourselves after slowing down during the winter season.

In Ayurveda, our Kapha Dosha, (made up of Water + Earth elements) governs the season of Spring, while Vata (Ether + Air elements) governs Winter. When we transition from Winter to Spring, it can sometimes be a difficult period of change on our mind and body. Whilst Winter may be all about getting cosy and filling up on comfort foods, this can cause us to enter Spring feeling heavy and sluggish. So it’s time to lighten things up, and shed the many aspects of our ‘Winter coat’, to allow new growth and abundance during the coming months.

Similar to how we like to do a spring clean of our houses during this time, our body will also be doing a natural “spring cleanse”. If we have not been listening to our body + mind or have be overburdening them during the rest of the year, this natural “Spring Cleanse” won’t be as effective as it can be, leaving us out of balance for the coming warmer months.

Are you ready to let go off your heavy winter coat, and bring the light, joyful and fresh energy of Spring into your Mind + Body? Here are some tips to create a spring time routine, to help balance and nourish your Mind, Body and Soul.


Ayurvedic Spring Seasonal Guideline

  1. Eat seasonal foods – including an abundance of Kapha decreasing tastes – pungent, bitter, and astringent. (e.g. dark leafy greens, ginger, black tea) When we eat in tune with the season, we are helping our mind and body to align itself into the natural flow of the earth. Try eat foods from farmers markets, or local producers, as this food will be fresh and full of Prana (life force). Or even better, grow your own! Even having a little pot on your porch etc is amazing, not only will be part of the growing cycle of the food, but you will be blown away about how delicious (and different) home grown food is!
  2. Wake up with the Sun. – As humans, we are part of the natural eco-system, and are influenced and effected by the natural rhythm of the earth and the sun. According to Ayurveda, the best time to wake up is before sunrise, so you can be in sync with the natural state of the earth. So to put it simply, when the natural world is waking up, so should you. If you are not a morning person, (and many of us aren’t!) then try increasing your waking time each morning for 10 days, so it less of a shock. Each day, wake up an extra 10-15 minutes earlier than you did the morning before. Waking up and aligning with the natural rhythm of the sun and earth, is vital in helping create balance and harmony within ourselves (our-cells) and in our relationship with our environment.
  3. Starting your day off with tongue scrapping. – Over night our body does a natural detox, and the Ama (toxins) is placed on your tongue to be cleared out each day.  Each morning before eating or drinking, make sure you use a tongue scrapper (preferably a copper one) to scrap off all toxins from your tongue. Otherwise you will be swallowing all the Ama (toxins) back into your body! I promise you, once you scrap your tongue once and see what comes off it, you will never go back to not scrapping!
  4. Daily Self – Abhyanga – Each morning give yourself a loving self massage with warm sesame oil. This will not only help nourish your skin, but it helps to move your circularity and lymphatic systems, increase muscle tone, decrease Kapha (as the sesame oil is warming) and helps you to connect into your body each day. Leave the oil on for around 10 minutes (or longer if you can!) and then have a bath or shower.
  5. Breathing and Moving – Kapha’s home base in the body is the upper chest area, – ie. the Lungs and breasts. Each day practice breathing and yoga exercises that are strong and heating. Try sun salutations and really open up the heart/chest area with stretching – to help stimulate the cool Kapha energy.
  6. Think Warm – As we are still coming out of the cool winter months, we must give our body and mind the chance to wake up and refresh itself. Avoid cold and damp situations when you can, avoid cold foods and liquids. Every morning drink a warm glass of water with lemon and ginger – to help stimulate the digestive system. Keep sipping on warm water during the day when thirty. Keep the head dry and warm (don’t go to bed with wet hair!).
  7. Connect to Nature – One of the best ways to help your Mind + Body flow with ease during this seasonal change, is to get out into nature. As mentioned before, we humans are part of the natural eco-system, so when we are out amongst the new spring blooms and warming sunshine, we are helping our energy to sync to the natural flow of the earth. Having beautiful bright colourful flowers in your home and opening windows to allow the spring breeze to flow through and clear out the old stagnate/stuffy air from your house that had built up over winter, are amazingly simple ways to help connect to nature and the season of spring.

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 Emma Fitts

Ayurvedic Health + Lifestyle Coach