The Coffee – Wine Cycle

Something that I notice time and again in the clinic, and from just generally chatting with friends and family, is this classic routine that people fall into.

Coffee in the morning to wake up, wine (or other alcoholic drink) at night to wind down. Anyone guilty of this?

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying your coffee or a glass of wine, there is something out of balance if you are relying on it to function properly each morning and night!!

What this routine is doing is constantly playing with our nervous system, which for most people, is something that is incredibly burnt out! By constantly having to jolt start it with caffeine in the AM and sedate it in the PM, we are creating a not so healthy and supportive routine that we believe we cannot live without!

Coffee and alcohol are great when we are enjoying them out of just the pure fact that it is delicious, but when it come into a co-dependant relationship with these drinks, then something isn’t right.

Have a look at your relationship with these drinks. How is it? Do you feel you may be in a co-dependent relationship with one or both of them? If so, it might be time to step back and change this relationship. 

During a consultation, I can help to find why you have developed this relationship, and show you ways that best suit you, to create a new healthy relationship with these drinks. Call or DM to book in. (Skype sessions available) 

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