The Loss of Patience

A huge problem we have in our modern day society, is we want a quick fix. We want fast and quick results – and we want these results to have little impact on how we live our lives. Which is what leads people to blindly take a pill or have unnecessary surgeries etc.

But I am here to say, this is wrong. Oh so wrong!!

When something is happening in our health, and our body is telling us that something isn’t working, we NEED to listen. Not only do we need to listen, but we need to act. Our body is our home for life, and as I love to say: Adding fresh paint to a wall with termites, doesn’t change the fact that your wall has termites! •• Yes from the outside this wall now looks fresh and healthy, but eventually those termites will destroy that wall. And left unchecked, those termites will spread all over the house, till it becomes un-liveable.

When our body is ill, in pain or not functioning like it should, these are all warning signs… a cry for help from your body to act.

So many people in our society, don’t want to take responsibility for their health. Harsh but true. We say we want good health, but how many of us are actually willing to make the changes to bring this about? If your body is telling you something is not right, are you ready to take a look at your life and see what could be done to truly help your body heal and thrive?? Only then will we create and maintain amazing health and longevity!

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