Tongue Scraping

Do you use a tongue scraper? When someone first introduced me to a tongue scraper my first week of studying Ayurveda back in 2015, I wasn’t that keen. But now? I can’t even imagine going a day without using this beautiful tool! 

In oral hygiene, we all know that we need to brush our teeth. But out of the whole mouth, our teeth are only 1/3 of it! So why are we only cleaning 1/3?! Scraping the tongue daily helps to remove any built-up toxins (ama) and other coatings that builds upon the tongue.

Tongue Scraping is such an easy yet powerful way to help cleanse the body daily. Our tongue plays an important role in our health. From it, we can see what is happening in the body (stresses, mal-nutrition, imbalances) and is one of the first points in the digestive system. When we clear our tongue daily, we improve our ability to taste and be satisfied with our food.


Using a tongue scraper is easy. First thing in the morning (before consuming any liquid or food) brush your teeth, then use your tongue scraper. Hold it gently at the back of your tongue and pull forward, scraping it along the tongue to the tip. Do this 7-14 times, depending on the condition of your tongue. Wash the scraper and see all the muck that was accumulated on your tongue. Rise your mouth afterwards. You can also do this practice after each meal.

Copper tongue scrapers now available at the Clinic. 

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